Go FISHING while holding your DRINK!

Original Chill-N-Reel
Original Chill-N-Reel
Original Chill-N-Reel
Original Chill-N-Reel
Original Chill-N-Reel
Original Chill-N-Reel
Original Chill-N-Reel
Original Chill-N-Reel
Original Chill-N-Reel

Original Chill-N-Reel

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It's the patented can cooler you can fish with! Our unique approach to hand-line fishing keeps you hydrated and having fun for hours!

Made in the USA, each Original Chill-N-Reel comes fully equipped with just about everything you need to immediately get to chillin' and reelin' -- and all you have to do is add your favorite bait and, of course, a frosty beverage!

What's included? Open up your new Chill-N-Reel, and you will find:

  • Patented Chill-N-Reel outer shell (solid injection-molded plastic)
  • Drink coolie insert (polyurethane foam, replaceable with any standard 12 oz can cooler sleeve)
  • Fishing line (50 feet of 8 lb test, pre-wound on the spool, which can be easily swapped with a heavier test if you'd like, however we recommend using a glove when you hand reel with thicker line) 
  • Starter hook and sinker (feel free to add more tackle of your choosing)
  • Instructional card

Now grab yourself some bait (worms, cheese, marshmallows, flies, grasshoppers, FishBites, etc.), plus your ice-cold drink, and now you are ready to Chill-N-Reel! Want to see how it works?

Customer Reviews

Based on 687 reviews
John R. (Phoenix, AZ)
Bachelor Campin' Chill N' Reel Party

Saw Chill N' Reel on Shark Tank (big mistake they didn't bite). I bought eight of them for a campin' bachelor party weekend. They were a big hit! It's a great product and idea! Everyone really liked them, especially after I put on the paragrip paracord handles!

713Terry L.V. (Livingston, TX)
Cool Product

Had an excursion with friends to stay on a houseboat. Bought everyone a Chill-N-Reel. We fished from the top deck and had a blast catching bluegill.

Christopher J.H. (Alexandria, VA)
Never would have Thunk it!!!

Bought 3 of these for myself, son and son in law for our family vacation to the Outer Banks. Within 10 minutes, I caught a 15 inch Red Drum with the Chill-N-Reel!! Nice product at a amazingly fair price!!

Dave L. (Mineola, TX)
Awesome rig

I bought three. One for me to prank my buddies and two for my sons’ birthday next month. Can’t wait to give them their new set-up!

Adam E. (Weaverville, NC)
Bachelor Party Hit

I saw it on Shark Tank and thought how fun for our bachelor party weekend! We rented a cabin with a pond and had a blast catching fish with the Chill-N-Reel.

Zac J. (Ashburn, VA)
Awesome product and fun to use

How did I live this long without this product? Such a simple idea, but it works great! I've pulled in a few sun fish with it so far, and can't wait to try it out in some other bodies of water. I keep a small zip-lock bag of spare tackle under the insulator insert incase I get snagged up or loose a rig. A few extra weights, hooks, and a small fly fishing indicator (or a few flies) fit in there just fine.

Current setup:
10lb Braid with 2' of 6lb fluoro leader. The braid seems to slide off the "reel" better, and does not have memory like the included mono.

My only improvement would be adding a little snap-lid compartment on top of the "reel" or somewhere else to keep the spare tackle, but sticking it under the insulator will get the job done.

New product idea, an "add-on" chill-and-reel that I can use with the tumblers and can chillers that I already have. I love my FrostBuddy, maybe a collaboration between ChillNReel and FrostBuddy for the ultimate universal koozie, tumbler, and fishing accessory.

John K. (Southampton, PA)
Fun fishing

The 8lb test is perfect

MaryKate B. (Downers Grove, IL)
Great time using it!

Saw this on Shark Tank and purchased three right away. My husband and his brothers are avid fishermen and throughly enjoyed using these! Caught some nice bass right away!
Will be purchasing more for friends! Keep up the good work and love that it is made in the USA!

Dillon W.

First try caught a nice rainbow at Canyon Ferry Reservoir off the shore. Amazing! It's the REEL DEAL!

Saravillicana@gmail.com (Munster, IN)
Chill N Reel is real chill

It was very fun and cool! And it was easy to reel in the fish. We caught more fishing using the chill n reel over a regular fishing rod!