Chill-N-Reel: The only drink insulator you can fish with!

The only drink insulator you can fish with!

Chill-N-Reel is a can/bottle cooler with a hand-line fishing reel attached


🇺🇸 Made in the USA! 🇺🇸

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Chillin' anglers across the USA absolutely love their Chill-N-Reels!

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Invented by a Firefighter

Jake Rutledge was on vacation, standing in waist high water with his drink in his hand when he decided he needed to figure out how to catch fish without putting his drink down. After that, the Chill-N-Reel was born!

How's it work?

From pitch to catch, the Chill-N-Reel works for all ages!

See how it works

As Seen on CBS

Check out the news piece that launched our story and helped tell the country about Chill-N-Reel!

As Seen on CBS

Firefighter Invents Fishing Reel on the Side of a Drink Holder