How does the Chill-N-Reel work??

The Chill-N-Reel is easy to use at just about any age, and it lets you go fishing without putting your drink down! 

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The patented hard-shell drink holder with a handline fishing reel attached comes equipped with 50 ft of 8lb test line pre-wound on the Chill-N-Reel spool. We also include a hook and sinker to get you started (as well as a removable drink insulator).

Using the Chill-N-Reel is simple:

Step 1: RIG IT
Attach your hook, sinker, and bait, just as you would with a regular fishing pole.

Step 2: LOAD IT
Put your frosty beverage in! The best way to do this is to pull out the removable insulator half-way, put your can into it, then slide it back down into your Chill-N-Reel.

Step 3: PITCH IT
Hold your Chill-N-Reel in one hand with the spool/reel facing the direction you'll cast. Unreel enough line so you can "pitch" the bait or sinker into the water with the other hand. The line should naturally unwind with your toss.

Take a sip of your cold beverage! Keep holding the line (slack) in one hand while you wait for the fish to bite so you can set the hook and keep holding your drink with the other hand.

Step 5: REEL 'EM IN COLD™!
Take another sip of your cold beverage! Reel in a little line, take another sip. Chill. When you get a bite, tug on the line with your non-sipping hand, then use the handline reel to bring in a winner!


Watch Chill-N-Reel inventor Jake Rutledge walk you through the steps, from putting your drink in, to how to cast, to how to Reel 'em in Cold!

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