Last minute Father's Day fishing gift idea? Get a Chill-N-Reel and use a placeholder gift card!

If your favorite dads like to go fishing and like to drink beer, soda, or anything from a can or bottle while they do it, the Chill-N-Reel could be the perfect fun and unique gift for Father's Day!

But as Father's Day gets closer, there is an increasing chance that they might not get their new beer-holder-fishing-rod in time.

While we cannot guarantee shipping times, we are here to help you put something in front of them if the good ol' postal service or UPS doesn't deliver fast enough!

Simply buy your Chill-N-Reels then come back here to download and print one of the placeholder "gift cards" below for each gift so you're not empty handed as you wait for your order to arrive!

Now those daddies can Reel 'em in Cold!